The 5-Step Strategy Smart Female Managers Use to Lead with Ease and Get the Promotions, Pay Raises and Recognition they Deserve

(Even if they Suffer from Imposter Syndrome and Self-Doubt)


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In this free training, you’ll discover …

The repeatable roadmap my clients are using to manage effectively, get the respect of their team, get noticed by their superiors and get a big promotion, even if they’re new to managing.
The simple but powerful ‘hack’ my clients are using to build self-confidence, remain calm and totally cool as a cucumber when managing, even if they’re just starting out.
Why setting harsh deadlines or being overly friendly are the worst strategies to manage a team (and the easy method my clients use instead to build trust with their team without micro-managing).
How my clients leverage their unique skills to become invaluable to their organization, get noticed by the higher ups, and unlock big pay bumps and promotions in record time.
How my clients build a rockstar culture, get their team to perform, crush deadlines, and exceed expectations… Without fighting fires constantly or feeling like they’re babysitting.

And… how they manage to do all of this while staying clear of office politics, actually enjoying their job and unwinding at the end of the day!

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Fabienne Renders

Fabienne Renders is the founder of TalentMakers® and the creator of Start-to-Lead®. She’s helped thousands of employees of renowned companies develop interpersonal, management and leadership skills. She specializes in helping new female managers to build thriving teams and experience more success and happiness, while being their authentic selves.


“… The cost of not joining the program would have been very high. I think it probably would have cost me too much, physically, mentally, and emotionally. And I have a suspicion that I would have walked away into another role, but I still wouldn't have learned anything. And I would have been caught back in the same firefighting transactional loop.
So, for me, it's those three: it's physical health, emotional health, and mental health.

Thank you to you and your program, it was absolutely incredible. It has literally altered my life, thank you so much!”

Emily O.

Vice President Enterprise Application Services Global I.T. Business Unit

“Thank you so much, Fabienne for what you did for me. When we first met, I was thinking of quitting my management job. It was chaos, I had no clarity and no self-confidence, and I was working evenings and weekends. I was stressed out and the situation affected my well-being negatively.
Now, hardly 2 months later, I’ve transformed myself and my life. I feel good! My self-confidence increased dramatically, and I love my job again! I have a great connection and understanding with my team, I get the respect I deserve from my manager and I don’t work overtime anymore. And what’s more, I know now that I’m up for so much more!
Your program is amazing.”

Anna Parker

Finance Manager