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Here’s What Our Clients Have To Say…

“The move to Operations Manager took me out of my comfort zone. The Start-to-Lead® online program perfectly prepared me and guided me through the first months of my new role. In combination with the coaching by Fabienne, this was a golden move.”

– Jacqueline van Voorden
Operations Manager

“Fabienne helped me to find the balance between the business and human aspects of the job as a team leader. Genuine leadership requires awareness, which in turn takes time. The Start-to-Lead® online program is an ideal tool that helped me to regularly take the time needed to improve my leadership skills. It guided me in my new role as a contemporary, genuine team leader.”

– Jasmien Put
R&D Manager

“Starting out as a team leader, the online program Start-to-Lead® has given me insights into the underlying facets of leadership that influence each other. I feel much more confident in communicating with my team. As a result, we formulated a forward-looking vision in which the entire team is involved and engaged. Meetings are more productive now and not everyone needs to be there anymore. My manager complimented me on how I took up my role and it was Fabienne’s Start-to-Lead® that supported me in taking up this role.”

– Judica
Product Manager

“Fabienne provided me with valuable tools to help me lay the foundation for a successful collaboration with my new team. The online program Start-to- Lead® is a pleasant, accessible and great way to support me whenever, wherever and as often as I want. Topics such as servant leadership, integrity and authenticity have become concrete & valuable guidance for accelerated success in my role.”

– Marion ter Braak,
Chapter Lead Digital Transformation Business Banking

 “Fabienne’s online coaching and training program Start-to-Lead® is a great plus point and I’m a fan of it! It meets my need for flexibility: I can take the course wherever, whenever and as often as I want. Leadership is a fascinating and often challenging topic. I have learned a lot of things; I’ve got extra tools and insights that now help me feel more self-assured.”

– Murielle Oosterlinck
Quality Manager

“I enrolled in Start-to-Lead® because I’m now the manager of the team in which I was previously a colleague. This program was an excellent, well-structured way to quickly master some essential leadership skills. I learned to conduct productive meetings, to give and receive feedback, to connect with my team in a different way than before, to build trust, etc. The program had a lot of added value for me. Just to give one example: I engage with my team and I have more self-confidence.”

– Katrien Willot
Social Coordinator