About Fabienne and TalentMakers

Hi! I am Fabienne Renders

years of company experience


HRM/L&D years

First-Time Manager Mentor and Leadership coach.

I help you, the driven new Team Leader that you are, to take on your Leadership role with more success, satisfaction, self-confidence and work happiness.
I do this with commitment and passion.
And 30+ years of company experience.

The main theme throughout my whole career has been people.
When I turned 29 , I was ‘suddenly’ in charge of a team. Without any training, support, mentor or role model. I just started anyway. Following my instincts, with some ‘healthy common sense’ and a bit of an insight into human nature. It was going well, but my biggest pitfall was my fear of confrontation and conflict.
I still wanted to discover more, learn more and achieve more. When I turned 30, I decided to step outside my comfort zone, I left my job as an employee with a royal salary package and company car to become self-employed.

In the meantime, I now have 25 years’ experience as a self-employed advisor, project manager and interim manager in Human Resources Management and Learning & Development for renowned companies, such as, ING, Deloitte, Telenet, Fluvius, Recordbank, Dexia Asset Management, AG Insurance, Acerta Group, Skeyes.

I designed & implemented training courses for >20.000 employees on interpersonal, management and leadership skills.

In my numerous projects, I took on leadership and (project) management roles.

I put my heart and soul into all my assignments, but in the last few years I kept bumping into the same problem: it pains me to see talent being wasted. There is a lack of strong role models and support for new Leaders. ‘Old School’ management styles leave the team feeling powerless, rather than letting them flourish. Team members are left feeling demotivated, passive and like they are rarely involved. Managers who are disappointed that it is all so difficult. It’s such a shame.

Because I know from experience that it can be done differently!
And that you and your team are your company’s main asset!

Furthermore, I am

a creative thinker. listener. mentor.
contributor. facilitator. go-getter.
blogger. hobby photographer.
Relationship-orientated. devoted. loyal. honest.
intuitive. emphatic. caring.
A touch naïve & do-gooder.
crazy about flowers & nature.
champagne-lover. cappuccino-lover.

My mission

In 2018, I gave up my flourishing consultancy business. To achieve my mission: helping new managers to build thriving teams and experience more success and happiness, while being their authentic selves.

In my opinion “Better Leaders Make this a Better World”.

So, I use all of my knowledge, experience, new knowledge, passion, commitment and energy to help you, a new Leader (employee or entrepreneur) to achieve more personal and financial success and happiness in your role. To be the ‘New Leader, New Hero’.

I created, among others, the first interactive ‘mobile’ mentoring program for (new) Leaders, Start-to-Lead®.
My work (and this website) is devoted to sharing inspiration, tools and means to achieve my mission.

Personally, I am a lifelong learner and every year I invest thousands of dollars into my own ongoing personal and professional development.

‘Giving back’. You and I, together, we support Bednet. When you invest in your own development and future by following my program, you also contribute to the development and future of a sick child.

What participants say:

“ … As a result, I started a discussion with my team about what our team values are and I managed to turn this feedback into a future-orientated vision which the whole team got involved in and follow through with. My leader recently gave me a compliment on how I picked up my role and Start-to-Lead© was what helped me take on this role. “
Judica Wondergem

Product Manager, Visavi (The Netherlands)

“ … Fabienne helped me find a balance between the business and human aspects of the job as a leader. In addition, you are taught about specific techniques, such as setting up SMART goals, giving feedback and organising effective meetings, to help improve your soft skills. … “
Jasmien Put

R&D Manager, Renson (Belgium)

TalentMakers in the media

Click on the logo to read an article written about Start-to-Lead® (Sorry, only available in Dutch).

  HR Alert Psychologies Magazine

What my customers say:

“Fabienne has been instrumental in driving us to a renewed Talent Management approach. She is able to create a strong organizational focus and to obtain stakeholder buy-in. She has great communication skills and addresses and overcomes critical hurdles in a very diplomatic way. Fabienne is very effective in change management and thinks out of the box. She delivers results through a step-by-step approach and really makes a difference. She also acts in a spontaneous way as an effective coach and is able to grasp very quickly someone’s strengths and weaknesses. She has strong people oriented skills. Without any doubt, Fabienne is a professional with impact; someone I gladly recommend.”
Claudia Poels

SVP Human Resources, Telenet

“… Fabienne consistently brought expert knowledge to all aspects of her work in Learning & Development. She is a highly professional individual with both the ability to reason at conceptual levels and run day-to-day activities with the necessary pragmatism. She has a thorough understanding of client needs and is able to come up with sustainable, business-oriented solutions. A creative, out-of-the-box thinker, she has successfully incorporated new trends in our Learning & Development activities.”
Christiane Plusquin

Senior Career & Mobility Partner, AG Insurance

About the name TalentMakers®

Of course I don’t make talent.

What I do, is I make sure:

  • You discover and un-cover the talents in yourself, your team, department and organisation.
  • You further develop, refine and use your talents and skills to the best of your ability.
  • Your talents count and you make them count.
  • You and your team increase productivity, satisfaction and happiness in the workplace.
  • Talent development isn’t only for the “happy few”.

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But you don’t know where to start yet?

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