FREE Core Values Exercise

“Discover Your Core Values”

Do you sometimes get that feeling too?

That feeling that you don’t actually fit into your job role and/or work environment? Rationally it all makes sense, but there is something that just isn’t quite right. You always do your best to meet your own expectations and/or those of your workplace.

And still the working relationship isn’t going as smoothly as it should.
You don’t understand what is going wrong or why. You are on the thorns of a dilemma.

Maybe the secret lies in your core values?!

Who are you? What do you stand for? What is important to you?

When you know what is really important to you and when you make decisions based on this, then you remain loyal to yourself. This gives you a feeling of confidence and peace.

But how do you decide what is important to you?

The secret lies in your core values!

Discover your core values!

Core values are the individual, company and organisation’s most important values.

With this free core values exercise, you can get an insight into your own personal core values. In a few simple steps you can discover your top 10 values.

This helps you decide what is important to you and it also helps you make decisions.
These values become your compass for the future.



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Ik ben (Digital) Learning & Development specialist, First-Time Manager mentor en maker van Start-to-Lead®.
Ik heb meer dan 20 jaar ervaring als adviseur en interim manager in Human Resources en met name in Learning & Development bij gerenommeerde bedrijven.

Ik heb opleidingsprogramma’s uitgetekend voor >18.000 medewerkers op vlak van interpersoonlijke vaardigheden zoals zelfinzicht, communicatie-, management- en leiderschapsvaardigheden.