Wat mijn opdrachtgevers zeggen

Jorgen Vranken
Go-to-Market Manager General Entertainment Telenet

“It was a great pleasure for me to work with Fabienne. As a real expert in the Training & Talent Development area, she played an important role in the creation of Telenet’s Learning & Development Curriculum. Good ideas, strong analytical skills and very result oriented: that’s Fabienne!”

Gino Peremans
Founder & Transformational Consultant Aspiria

“In the years I have been cooperating with Fabienne I appreciate the most her qualities of pragmatism, big picture view and ability to think on senior management level. In her domain of expertise being Learning & Development and Talent Development, Fabienne has been a source of inspiration to me through her knowledge of the market and the in-depth understanding of different models.”

Veerle Servaes
HR Business Partner & Talent Manager Novartis

“I have been working with Fabienne as a Learning & Development Advisor within AG Insurance and know her as a reliable and warm colleague & business partner who succeeds in delivering high quality results at any time. Thanks to her empathy and rich experience in Learning & Development, she is able to capture the business needs quickly and to offer tailor-made and effective solutions. She is an asset to any company willing to develop its human capital!”

Lut Callebert
Agile Coach ING

“It’s been a real pleasure working with Fabienne on a project in the field of Development needs of our employees. Her professionalism, enthusiasm, pragmatic approach, integrity and knowledge of the banking sector are definitely an asset.”

Karla Plas
Human Resources & Change Manager ad-interim Acerta Groep

“Fabienne worked in a complex context where the HR department changed substantially as well as business context. She masters very well – and with enthusiasm – the learning & development area combining a more conceptual helicopter view with sense of pragmatism focusing on results. She invests in keeping ahead of latest trends in her expertise domain and shares this knowledge easily. I would recommend Fabienne for any job where policy design, Leadership Development and teamwork are key for success.”

Sandra Vandorpe
Strategy Talent and Organization Lead, Accenture

I recommend Fabienne for many reasons: at the time Fabienne worked for me at Deloitte, her performance was outstanding.

Let me list some of Fabienne’s strengths:

  • Integrates fast in the organization
  • Understands quickly the issues or solutions asked; proposes solutions herself
  • Is pro-active and thorough
  • Connects well with most people
  • Multi-tasking; sublime organization
  • Can combine innovative thinking with day-to-day work easy
  • Very hard-working
  • Very reliable; delivers what she promises
  • High working and ethical standards
  • … I can go on

Anyway, I would recommend Fabienne to almost anyone and for many possible jobs.

Claudia Poels
SVP Human Resources, Telenet

Fabienne has been instrumental in driving us to a renewed Talent Management approach. She is able to create a strong organizational focus and to obtain stakeholder buy-in.

She has great communication skills and addresses and overcomes critical hurdles in a very diplomatic way. Fabienne is very effective in change management and thinks out of the box.

She delivers results through a step-by-step approach and really makes a difference. She also acts in a spontaneous way as an effective coach and is able to grasp very quickly someone’s strengths and weaknesses.

She has strong people oriented skills. Without any doubt, Fabienne is a professional with impact; someone I gladly recommend.

Ann Baeke
Auteur van Leider zonder Masker

Fabienne is an expert in management and leadership programs. She really makes a difference in organizations regarding learning and development. I love working with her. Why?

She’s a fast thinker, who is aware of problems that might occur way before others even notice.
She goes all the way and is only satisfied with sustainable, in depth solutions.
She’s a caring, sensitive and very human orientated person, which makes it easy for her to see strengths and points of growth.
She loves what she is doing, keeps ahead of the latest trends in her expertise domain and shares this knowledge easily.
She combines strong analytical and result driven skills with a very human approach. This is a rare combination.
She’s a warm and diplomatic person that likes to give.
She’s genuinely concerned about others well-being.

Christiane Plusquin
Senior Career & Mobility Partner at AG Insurance

I have had the pleasure of working with Fabienne on a variety of Learning & Development projects at AG Insurance.

Fabienne consistently brought expert knowledge to all aspects of her work in Learning & Development.

She is a highly professional individual with both the ability to reason at conceptual levels and run day-to-day activities with the necessary pragmatism.

She has a thorough understanding of client needs and is able to come up with sustainable, business-oriented solutions. A creative, out-of-the-box thinker, she has successfully incorporated new trends in our Learning & Development activities.