Free Audio Training

"Managing Poor Performance"

Find out how you can manage poor performance and request the the free audio training (also available as a PDF).


Now there is an extra bonus: a mini video series “Make yourself ‘holiday-proof’

and avoid an ‘after holiday dip’!”


Find out how you can manage poor performance.

If everyone was productive all the time, people wouldn’t need manager. In reality though, there are a lot of problems with performance that you need to manage; Most team leaders don’t like this aspect of the job, but the best leaders don’t avoid the hard aspects of the job.

What is the solution?

With this free audio training, I help you approach the less pleasant aspects of your job in a positive way. I teach you, in a few simple steps, how you can manage poor performance and how you can get your employee back on the right track.


My name is Fabienne Renders. I am a Learning & Development specialist, founder of Start-to-Lead® and owner of TalentMakers. I have more than 20 years experience as an advisor & interim manager in Human Resources and in Learning & Development for renowned companies.

I designed a training programme for thousands of employees based on interpersonal skills such as self-insight, communication, management and leadership skills.