Fabienne is an expert in management and leadership programs. She really makes a difference in organizations regarding learning and development. I love working with her. Why?

She’s a fast thinker, who is aware of problems that might occur way before others even notice.
She goes all the way and is only satisfied with sustainable, in depth solutions.
She’s a caring, sensitive and very human orientated person, which makes it easy for her to see strengths and points of growth.
She loves what she is doing, keeps ahead of the latest trends in her expertise domain and shares this knowledge easily.
She combines strong analytical and result driven skills with a very human approach. This is a rare combination.
She’s a warm and diplomatic person that likes to give.
She’s genuinely concerned about others well-being.

Team Leader

Initially, I was hesitant to enroll for a mentoring program because as a new team leader, there was so much coming my way. And on top of that, it was the busiest period of the year, which actually meant I was already running out of time.

Thanks to the online ‘on-the-go’ learning format with short video lessons, I was able to follow it wherever, whenever and as often as I wanted. Being able to learn & develop skills independently of time and place is a huge benefit – I really like it!

I found the content of the video lessons excellent. The modules are very useful and provide many good levers and guidance. They took away my doubt and uncertainty and I got an excellent basis and support as a new team leader.

The exercises, the extra tips and questions were instructive and very inspiring.

I now feel confident in my approach and despite my busy schedule, I’m glad that I enrolled!

R&D Manager

The “Start-to-lead®” mentoring program from TalentMakers will guide you in your new role as a contemporary, genuine leader.

Fabienne helped me on my way to finding the balance between the business and human aspects of the job as a manager.

On the other hand, specific techniques such as setting goals, providing feedback and conducting effective meetings are taught to further hone your soft skills.

Genuine leadership requires awareness, which in turn takes time. The TalentMakers online mentoring program is an ideal tool that helps you to regularly take the time needed to perfect your skills as a manager.

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