The big advantage of this type of program is the fact that you don’t lose any real working time because you can easily finish it outside of working hours, but still acquire the necessary knowledge.

Starting out as a manager, the Start-to-Lead® program has given me insights into the underlying facets of leadership that influence each other.

In addition, I have developed communication skills, which makes me feel more confident in putting this into practice.

The working method means I can learn and review things anytime and anywhere, which has made it possible for me to go back over items so that the matters requiring attention are clearly in my mind again.

In addition, I could already start on holiday and apply it immediately after returning home!

For example, I talked to my team about our team standards and I was able to turn feedback into a forward-looking vision in which the entire team is involved and engaged.
Meetings within the team are now more efficient and not everyone needs to be there.

My manager recently complimented me on how I took up my role and it was Start-to-Lead® that supported me in taking up this role.

Social Service Coordinator

I enrolled to take part in Start-to-Lead® because I had just been promoted and now was the leader of the team in which I was previously a colleague. Not obvious at all.  In terms of content, I already had some prior knowledge, but professional leadership was completely new to me.

This program was an excellent, well-structured way in which to master the basics of leadership quickly. I mostly learned more about meeting techniques, giving feedback, how to connect with my team in a different way than I did before, how to build trust, etc.

My development as a manager is still in the early stages, but Fabienne has given me invaluable points of reference to which I will definitely return a number of times in the future.

Just to name a few outcomes amongst others: this trajectory has made me aware of the fact that it’s perfectly normal not to master everything right away. I know now that my growth process in my role as team leader is completely normal, which took away my uncertainty and resulted in shaping positive consultations with my team members.

Another great advantage for me was that I could take the course whenever and wherever it suited me. There was a lot of new information coming my way and the fact that I could plan this course myself certainly gave me some breathing space. This was an excellent program to start with for me, because it clearly showed the most important aspects of leadership. From now on, I will continue to work on my further development as a manager by continuing to deepen these important aspects.

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